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Do you ever get so mad your voice just kind of goes…

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It still hurts. Still feels like a, uh…

Like an o p e n  w o u n d.

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you’re a lucky guy. a lot of people are going to have your back, no matter what.

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You believe that you will always feel that pain. And if it starts to slip away, you…you seek it out again, don’t you? You won’t let it kill you, but you won’t…kill yourself. 

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1/100 pictures of Crystal Reed.

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burnie doesn’t trust ryan

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my boys  scott mccall
↳ “I don’t care. No one else dies. Everyone on that list. Everyone on that Dead Pool. It doesn’t matter if they’re wendigos, or werewolves, or whatever. I’m gonna save everyone.”

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derekhalesies replied to your post: gonna book a new tattoo tomorrow idk w…

my name over ur left boob bc heart

i’m gonna get ‘erica hall’ on my ass bc i want ur booty

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